Monday, April 12, 2010

"The Beckoning Fair One." Oliver Onions.

Review: In the heart of London, a haunted house—only Oleron does not know it. He is writing a novel, Romilly Bishop, which is half done when he decides to change his living quarters to the haunted house. He has a girl friend, Elsa Benough. They are happy together.

But a change comes over him. He loses interest in his novel. He begins to be indifferent to his girl friend. There is a female presence in his new lodgings and she begins to take hold of him. He now desires to stop writing the old, half-finished Romilly and to begin a new version—modeled on the “Beckoning Fair One,” the female presence in his house. And he jettisons his girl Friend Elsa.

In the end, he is barely alive and he stands accused of murdering his girl friend who had come to help him. The real killer? “The Beckoning Fair One.”

Famous Ghost Stories. Ed. Bennett Cerf. New York: The Modern Library. Random House, inc. 1944.

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