Thursday, April 15, 2010

"August Heat." W F Harvey.

Review: A work-a-day artist has a sudden inspiration in the August heat. He draws a fat man in the docket at a trial. He is absorbed in his drawing and then leaves to seek a cooler spot. Comes upon a fat man, a carver of gravestones. He is just finishing an inscription. The person and date on the graves stone are identical to the artist. The artist brings out of his pocket the picture he had drawn—the picture of the gravestone inscriber; he is the fat man the artist  has drawn, the one who is in the docket on trial. They can think of no reason for the fat man’s being in the docket or for the inscription on the gravestone. The fat man has never been in a court room in his life.

The heat is insufferable. They agree to spend the night. They await the midnight hour. The heat is insufferable.

The reader can project that the fat man in the docket is about to kill the artist whose gravestone dates are set in stone.

Famous Ghost Stores. Ed. Bennett Cerf. New York: The Modern Library, Random House, inc., 1944.

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