Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"My Sister Antonia." Ramon del Vade-Inclan

Note: I am resuming my summaries of short stories. 6/15/2011. RayS.

Summary: A skeletal, evil-looking, cadaverous student in love with the narrator’s sister, Antonia, puts a curse on their mother who experiences a black cat that claws her back; she screams in agony. Finally, the curse is broken. The mother has died and the student’s ears have been cut off through the efforts of the family servant and a voodoo-like snipping of symbols. After the funeral, the house is closed and the narrator and his sister Antonia go off with the grandmother.

Comment: A story of witchcraft and the effects of a curse. Frightful mood of the dark house and the emotions that accompany the strange goings on. Told from the point of view of a child who understands more than the adults around him think he does. Nightmarish. RayS.

Spanish Stories and Tales. Ed. By Harriet de OnĂ­s. The Pocket Library, 1956. Pp. 1-16.

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