Friday, November 12, 2010

"One Day in the Life of Mrs, Riley." Maureen Pople.

Short Story International. Ed. Sylvia Tankel. New York: Great Neck, vol. 5, #27, August 1981, pp. 9-15.

Summary: Everyone expects Mr. Riley to die. He’s demanding, obnoxious. His sons have never amounted to anything because they are just like their father. Mrs. Riley goes about the house preparing for his funeral, which is expected any time soon. Finished cleaning the house to what she perceives as her relatives’ expectations, she climbs the stairs to take a nap. She thinks, “He’s[Mr. Riley] settled down and the house is clean. They’ll [the relatives] be here by six. There’s nothing more I can do. And she slept.”

“The family arrived at six and found Mr. Riley, as usual, banging his stick on the floor for his dinner, and Mrs. Riley…for the very first time…not answering.”

“The funeral was held two days later. Mrs. Riley looked splendid and not one of the family had a word of criticism.”

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