Tuesday, March 23, 2010

An Out-of-Body Experience

One-minute review: John Sullivan was full of Irish charm. He could charm any girl he met. One day, he found himself walking on a  strange road in a strange town. Wondering where he was, he decided to use his boyish charm on two unfamiliar young ladies and asked them for the time. Both girls looked at John Sullivan and shrieked, running away as quickly as they could. After that, he noticed people looking at him in horror, and trying desperately to avoid him. He got into a taxicab, but before he could give the cabbie his address, the cabbie pushed him out and took off in a grinding of gears.

John decided to call his mother, but a strange voice answered the phone. “Now who would be calling Mrs. Sullivan at a time like this? Don’t you know Mrs. Sullivan lost her son who was caught by a machine at work and was mangled beyond recognition? She’s at the cemetery now burying him.

Famous Ghost Stories. Compiled by Bennett A. Cerf. New York: The Modern Library. 1944.

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