Monday, March 22, 2010

The Dream Come True

One-minute review: Each night for three successive nights, a young girl has had the same dream. She is walking along a road, sees a lovely house at the top of a hill, walks up to it, knocks on the door and an old man with a long gray beard answers. He is about to speak and she wakes up.

One day she is driving to Litchfield and spots the house of her dreams upon a hill. She stops, and runs up the hill, remembering every detail of the path that led to the house from her dreams. She knocks impatiently on the door, the old man answers and she asks, “Is this house for sale?” The old man says, “Yes, it is, but I don’t advise you to buy it.” “Why not?” she asks. “Because it’s haunted,” the old man replies. “Haunted?” By whom?” She asks. “By you,” the old man says and closes the door.

Famous Ghost Stories. Compiled by Bennett A. Cerf. New York: The Modern Library. 1944.

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