Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"A Jury of Her Peers." Susan Glaspell.

Introduction: Over the years, I have read hundreds of short stories. In this blog, I am going to summarize as many of them as I can. The summaries do not do the stories justice. If you are interested in the summary of the story, read it. RayS.

“A Jury of Her Peers.” Susan Glaspell.

10-second review: Mrs. Wright lived in a joyless marriage with her husband. He has taken all the joy out of living for her. But when he wrings the neck of the only joyful thing she possesses, her song bird, she takes a rope and puts it around her husband’s neck while he sleeps and strangles him as he had strangled the song bird. The officials of the law search the house looking for evidence of who killed Mr. Wright. Their wives find the bird with its neck wrung and immediately realize that Mrs. Wright had killed her husband. They remove the dead bird, the only evidence that could have convicted Mrs. Wright. They were a jury of her peers.

Literature: An Introduction to Reading and Writing. Eds. Edgar V. Roberts and Henry E. Jacobs. Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: Prentice Hall, 1989.

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