Thursday, August 27, 2009

"The Greatest Man in the World." James Thurber

One-minute review: America’s greatest crisis—Jack Smurch flies around the world—becomes the national hero, but he is an uncultivated slob who has no time for social amenities. He is a hero who does not conform to the conventions of heroism. The problem is solved when the men of power, confronted by his antisocial behavior, have him thrown out of the window nine stories up. The hero’s death is mourned in a great national display of bereavement.

Comment: A funny story. Can’t recall in my time (75 years) that any hero behaved himself in such a manner that required pitching him out the window of a high-rise. RayS.

Note: Over the years, I have read hundreds of short stories. In this blog, I am going to summarize as many of them as I can. RayS.

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