Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"The Jilting of Granny Weatherall." Katherine Anne Porter

On-minute review: Granny had been jilted once—by George. But she had married John and they had had a good marriage and a full life. Now she is dying at age eighty, surrounded by her children and her memories She relives incidents in her life. She expects to be reunited in death with those she had loved and who have gone before her. She expects God to come and escort her into the next world. She keeps waiting for a sign that He is coming. He does not come. Jilted again.

Quote: “…there was no bottom to death. She couldn’t come to the end of it.”

Quote: “God, give a sign! For the second time there was no sign. Again no bridegroom…. She could not remember any other sorrow because this grief wiped them all away. Oh, no, there’s nothing more cruel than this—I’ll never forget it.”

Comment: She had her expectations of life after death. She expected God to come to take her into the next world. He did not come. And she “blew out the light.” RayS.

Note: Over the years, I have read hundreds of short stories. In this blog, I am going to summarize as many of them as I can. RayS.

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