Thursday, September 8, 2011

"Man or Dolphins"

Georges Friedenkraft

The future. The 1145th century. A man named Bastardus urged everyone to kill dolphins. He foresaw that the dolphins were about to become men and would take over the earth. Suddenly the earth doubled in population and the dolphins disappeared from the sea. A famine occurred, but certain young biologists averted it by brilliant experiments. The story concludes: “…isn’t it possible that we, my friends, are the dolphins?’”

Rating: ***** out of *****.

 About the Author: “Born in 1945 in France, Georges Friedenkraft is a writer and research scientist married to a Malaysian-born artist. He writes mainly in French, occasionally in English. He has degrees in science and arts and uses this background in his short stories combining both ecological concerns and philosophical aspects of science-fiction. His translator is Brian Fergusson.

Short Story International #30. Sylvia Tankel, Ed. February 1982, pp. 55-60.

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