Thursday, August 25, 2011

"Town Lovers"

Nadine Gordimer

South Africa. At the time of Apartheid. A light-skinned Negro girl. A cultured foreign man. She worked in a shop. He was a mineralogist. They come together. Live together part of the day. Then she goes home to her mother.

Caught by the police. She is discovered hiding in a locked clothes closet. Taken to the police station. Charged according to immorality laws. Acquitted because of lack of evidence.

Her mother says that her daughter will never work for a white man again.

Comment: A simple tale of Apartheid. RayS.

Rating: **** out of *****.

About the Author: “Johannesburg is home to Nadine Gordimer, the handsome, soft-spoken, distinguished author of eight collections of short stories and seven novels. Miss Gordimer’s work is published in several countries. She is respected for her honesty and courage, and for the thoughtfulness and emotions stirred by her writing. In 1978 she was elected an honorary member of the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters. The citation read: “The brilliance with which she renders her varied characters has opened her country to passionate understanding which most of us have no other access to.”

Short Story International #54. Ed. Sylvia Tankel. February 1986. Pp. 104-115, 

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