Monday, August 22, 2011

"My Sister the Bride"

Amnon Shamosh

The story of a Jewish wedding in Israel involving the narrator’s fifteen-year-old sister—in detail, from the betrothal to the wedding itself and the seven days of celebration that follow. The rituals. The language. You are there  to experience a truly joyous occasion.

Rating: ***  out of *****. Nothing much happens, but the reader learns a great deal about another culture’s celebration of a wedding and it is told in wonderful, colorful detail. Of course, I was thinking of Fiddler on the Roof. RayS.

About the Author: “Short story writer, novelist and poet, Amnon Shamosh was awarded the Jerusalem Agnon Prize for Literature in 1979 and the Prime Minister’s Award for Creativity. He was born in Syria in 1929 and arrived in Israel in 1938. He is a founding member of Kibbutz Maayan Baruk and for many years served as principal of the local high school and later principal of the regional comprehensive high school. He speaks Hebrew, Arabic, French and English. Mr. Shamosh is an active member of the Labor Party, its candidate to the Knesset. His story was translated by Judy Levi.”

Short Story International #54. Ed. Sylvia Tankel. February 1986. Pp. 37-48. 

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