Sunday, July 31, 2011

Titles for the Month of July 2011

Short Story Reviews. RayS.
The title for July 1 is at the bottom of the list; the title for July 29 is at the top of the list.


"Madame D."


"Passion (Or The Western Room)"


"The Jade Goddess."

"The Stranger''s Note."

"Asleep in the Lord."

"The White Monkey."

"Curley Beard."

Famous Chinese Short Stories: Introduction.

"The Salt Sea."

"Ashes for the Wind."

"Coyote 13."

"A Man of Character."

"I Puritani."

"The Prophecy."

"Two Cooing Doves."

"The Heart's Reason"

"The Cabbages of the Cemetery"

Titles of Story Summaries for June 2011

"The Old Ranch."

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