Friday, July 15, 2011

Famous Chinese Short Stories: Introduction.

Famous Chinese Short Stories. Re-told by Lin Yutang. New York: The Pocket Library. 1954.


“The purpose of a short story is, I believe, that the reader shall come away with the satisfactory feeling that a particular insight into human character has been gained, or that his knowledge of life has been deepened, or that pity, love, or sympathy for a human being has been awakened. Xi.

“The instinct to listen to a good story is as old as humanity itself.” Xi.

“…vivid descriptions of human character and immediate scenes of human conflicts.” Xii.

“Love and the supernatural seem to dominate the rest of the stories. There are few stories, crime, adventure, and the supernatural included, which do not have a love element in them, which merely shows that, East or West, the surest way to hold the reader’s interest and have his pulse beat a little faster is to tell of love between a man and woman.” Xiv.

Lin Yutang.

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