Monday, July 26, 2010

"My Oedipus Complex." Frank O'Connor

Review: Father was away for WWI. Larry was his mother's only concern during that time. She and Larry would pray for Father's safe return. Well, he returned and Larry regretted it in a hurry. Now Larry had to compete with his father for his mother's attention. It was a bitter battle.
Walking with Father was like walking with a mountain. When Father wanted to stop, Father stopped and Larry came to an abrupt standstill.
When a new baby, Sonny, came into the house, Sonny replaced Father in Mother's bed as Sonny wailed and wailed. And Father slept with Larry. Larry comforted him.
Adults from a child's point of view.
Quote: "Mommy," I said, "do you know what I'm going to do when I grow up?" 
 "No, dear," she replied. "What?" 
"I'm going to marry you."

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