Monday, July 12, 2010

"The Boarding House." James Joyce.

Review: Mrs. Mooney, victim of a ferocious, drunken husband, a butcher, who had taken a cleaver to her, now runs a boarding house in Dublin, Ireland. Her daughter Polly has committed an indiscretion with Mr. Doran, a boarder, and now she is going to have a baby and she has told her mother everything. Crisis.

Mr. Doran, by nature, is a bachelor, but he has confessed his sin to the priest who has teased every detail about it out of him, and he is worried by the effect of the publicity on his boss at his job. In Mr. Doran’s room Polly waits on the result of Mr. Doran’s interview with her mother downstairs. At last she hears Mrs. Mooney call up to her: “Come down, dear, Mr. Dolan wants to speak to you.” What happens? Who knows? That’s the end of the story.

Short Story Masterpieces. Ed. RP Warren and A Erskine. New York: Dell Books. 1954.

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