Thursday, August 12, 2010

"Why I Live at the P.O." Eudora Welty.

“Why I Live at the P.O.” Eudora Welty.

Review: Do you know a dysfunctional family. If you don’t then read this story. Two sisters, one just home from being separated from her husband, with an “adopted” daughter, Shirley T., who could have been the product of a rendezvous with her grandfather or her husband out of wedlock, and the narrator battle with each other with everything in their power. Everybody in the family snipes at everybody else. So that is the reason that the narrator, who is post mistress of the next to smallest post office in Mississippi, is living in the Post Office.

Rating for this short story: * out of *****.

Short Story Masterpieces. Ed. RP Warren and A Erskine. New York: Dell Books. 1954.

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