Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"The Guest." Albert Camus.

Review: “The guest” is an Arab being turned over to the authorities by a policeman from the town below. He has been brought to the isolated school house over difficult terrain in the winter. The schoolmaster has been ordered to continue to take the Arab, who has killed his cousin, to the town where the authorities will hang him.

The teacher says he will not turn him over to the authorities. Balducci, the policeman, says he must, but Daru, the school master says he will not. After the policeman leaves, Daru takes the Arab, with food and money he has given him, and offers the Arab his choice. In one direction are the authorities. In the other direction lies the Arab’s freedom. Daru leaves. Returns to find the Arab going in the direction of the authorities.

When he returns to the school house, Daru finds inscribed on the blackboard, the words, “You handed over our brother. You will pay for this.” The inscrutability of this illogical, absurd world.

Great French Short Stories. Germaine Brée. New York: Dell Publishing Co., Inc. 1960.

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