Monday, May 17, 2010

"The TV." Ben Loory.

Review: One day a man does not feel like going to work. He calls the office and makes an excuse for not going to work. He decides to watch TV instead. Suddenly, he recognizes himself on the TV. He is in the office.

Then he watches other shows and he is featured in these shows too. Now he is on all the shows he sees. He is doubled, tripled, quadrupled. Finds himself bombarded by duplicates of himself.

He tries to break the spell by ripping out the cord of the TV, but now he tries to take it to the cellar to put it in the trash and he is passed on the stairs by a duplicate of himself bringing the TV from the trash in the cellar.

He has become lost in his fantasies. The nurses no longer answer his calls.

New Yorker (April 12, 2010), 64-65.

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