Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"The Guardian Angel." Andre Maurois.

One-minute review: Politician. Often out of control. Marries a wife who puts a brake on his behavior, advises him how to behave with restraint, even with graciousness. She dies. But she has foreseen certain scrapes into which he must inevitably become engaged and has left letters advising him on two occasions. The letters arrive as he is about to destroy himself by ridiculing another politician and the other in a second marriage with a worthless woman. The politician takes the advice of his first wife from her grave and escapes a dire fate.

When he is about to marry again to a worthy woman, there is no letter and he lives comfortably, gaining a baby a year with the perfect woman for him. His first wife has foreseen that, too.

75 Short Masterpieces: Stories from the World’s Literature. Ed. Roger B. Goodman. New York: Bantam Books. 1961. These summaries do not do justice to the vividness of the stories. RayS.

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