Monday, October 5, 2009

"Youth." Joseph Conrad.

10-second review: The sea. To be young and strong and to be successfully tested by the sea. Exhilarating!

Quote: “…the triumphant conviction of strength, the heat of life in the handful of dust, the glow in the heart that with every year grows dim, grows cold, grows small, and expires—and expires too soon, too soon—before life itself.”

Quote: “I did not know how good a man I was till then. I remember the drawn faces, the dejected figures of my two men. And I remember my youth and the feeling that will never come back anymore—the feeling that I could last forever, outlast the sea, the earth and all men; the deceitful feeling that lures us on to joys, to perils, to love, to vain effort—to death….”

Quote: “…our weary eyes looking still, looking always, looking anxiously for something out of life, that while it is expected is already gone—has passed unseen, in a sigh, in a flash—together with the youth, with the strength, with the romance of illusion.”

Comment: Conrad captures the spirit of youth. One of my favorites. RayS.

Literature: An Introduction to Reading and Writing. Eds. Edgar V. Roberts and Henry E. Jacobs. Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: Prentice Hall, 1989.

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